Iona Rowland - 'A Futuristic Woman'
  • Iona Rowland - 'A Futuristic Woman'
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Title: 'A Futuristic Woman'

Dimensions: 105 x 80cm

Medium: Oil on canvas painting. 

About the Artwork: Inspired by Kim Kardashian's recent shoot for British GQ, 'A Futuristic Woman' seduces and beguiles, referencing the artificiality of Instagram and celebrity culture through its lavishly glossy surface and opulent colour palette. The piece represents a filtered reality and offers a glimpse into the future of social media. 

About the Artist: Iona Rowland is a UK artist with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. Iona's artistic passion is to deconstruct, reconstruct and abstract the surfaces of the fashion industry, combined with it's symbiotic relationship with sexuality. Iona explores the 'unreality' of fashionable becoming fashion excessive and confronts the binary of oppositions within the industry.