Iona Rowland - 'Spectacle'
  • Iona Rowland - 'Spectacle'
  • Iona Rowland - 'Spectacle'
  • Iona Rowland - 'Spectacle'
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Title: 'Spectacle'

Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm

Information: (Framed) Giclee canvas print 2/2

About the Artwork: The painting 'Spectacle' is a satirical take on the virtuality of fashion advertising. Its artificial dimensionality, colour saturation and high gloss finish suggests the piece could be computer generated, a fictional product of the Photoshop generation.

About the Artist: Iona Rowland is a UK artist with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. Iona's artistic passion is to deconstruct, reconstruct and abstract the surfaces of the fashion industry, combined with it's symbiotic relationship with sexuality. Iona explores the 'unreality' of fashionable becoming fashion excessive and confronts the binary of oppositions within the industry.